Phil with students from Winchester University  |  February 2020

Sale of Gold, Silver & Platinum Award Discs | 06 Feb 2021

Click here for Phil Harding e-Bay auctions page

The first auctions - Sonia Gold Disc and Erasure Platinum Disc. More disc auctions to follow.

Phil is holding an online sale event of some of his huge array of Gold, Silver and Platinum Award discs he has received over the years for his many international chart successes. They are being auctioned on eBay... The first auction is a Gold Disc for Sonia's 'Everybody Knows' album (1990), which Phil worked on as co-Producer and Mixer. Bidding finishes at 9pm on Sunday 7th February. Click here for the Sonia disc auction...  The second auction is a Platinum Disc for Erasure 'The Circus' album (1987). Click here for the Erasure disc auction. Bidding finishes at 6pm on Saturday 13th February.

Bookmark the link of Phil Harding e-Bay auctions page to be ready for more items coming soon.